The Paper Doll machine embroidery designs are used to create an old fashioned, yet sturdy paper doll. This perfect travel toy will keep children entertained for hours. To create these Embroidered designs, you need an embroidery machine with a hoop large enough to fit the design, stabilizer, fabric (felt or tulle) and thread. Some items have been created as free standing lace (FSL). Designs and outfits in each series are interchangeable. Once the design is complete, apply Aleen's tack it over and over and enjoy! Welcome to Marge's Creations for Crafters - where crafters can find machine embroidered craft projects and home sewn gift ideas! Check out the site and you'll find a variety of handmade craft projects such as I Spy Bags, Embroidered Paper Dolls, Free Standing Lace (FSL) Bookmarks, and Hand Puppets. You can also find machine embroidery designs to liven up other gifts, such as: Old bag designs, construction designs, magical designs and more that can be used for plastic bag holders, laundry bags, purses, doorhangers, sweatshirts, t shirts, quilts, cards, wall hangings, picture frames, fleece throws, hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, dresses, shirts, pants, skirts - anything with fabric can be made better with embroidery! Marge's Creations for Crafters includes many sewing craft project ideas, and instructions are available on selected items. New designs are being added on a regular basis, so check back often, and of course there is also a large number of free designs available! These craft projects require the use of an embroidery machine, fabric, thread, and stabilizer. Other sewing notions can be utilized as well such as: elastic, cloth, trim, lace, cotton, fleece, felt, polyester, bobbin thread, bobbin, needles, embroidery hoops, scissors, cutting board, pins, iron, ironing board, ruler, measuring tape, rotary cutters, ez felt, adhesive spray, glue, and patterns. I Spy Inserts can utilize items such as buttons, charms, beads, and scrapbook flatbacks. Some great places to get this items: AC Moore Crafts; Joann Fabrics, and Michaels Arts & Crafts Marge's Creations for Crafters has machine embroidery designs in the EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, SEW, VIP formats. These formats will work with embroidery machines such as Ameco, Babylock, Barudan, Bernina, Bits and Volts, Brother, Compucon, Data Stitch, Elna Xqisite, Garuden, Gold Thread, Happy, Janome, Juki, Melco, Mitsubishi, Pfaff, Poem, Singer, Siruba, Sunstar, Tajima, Toyota, Viking designer 1, Viking Husqvana, Wilcom Zangs, and ZSK.
Marge's Creations Machine Embroidery Designs for Crafters
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Big Sister Series Embroidered Paper Dolls

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At this time, designs are available in following formats: EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, SEW, and VIP. Please select the appropriate file type and be aware that if you select to receive all file types the email may be very large.

Dolls and outfits in the Big Sister series are interchangeable!!

5001 Julie plus 4 outfits   $15.00
Julie (1.76" x 6.06"), Sweater (1.95" x 1.81"), Pants (1.46" x 2.93"),
Dress (2.78" x 2.56"), Sunsuit/Pail (3.31" x 3.46"),
Native American Outfit (2.29" x 5.94")


5002 Janie plus 4 outfits   $15.00
Janie (1.88" x 5.98"), Sweater (2.02" x 1.82"), Skirt (1.61" x 1.18"),
Dress (2.87" x 2.60"), Coveralls (1.88" x 3.93"),
Ballerina Outfit (4.33" x 2.38")


5003 Emma plus 3 outfits   $15.00
Emma (1.71" x 6.01"), Sweater (1.96" x 1.81"), Pants (1.90" x 2.91"),
Vest Dress (3.43" x 2.61"), Party Dress (2.90" x 2.43")

5004 Leila

5004 Leila plus 4 outfits   $15.00
Leila (1.83" x 5.86"), Kimono (2.15" x 4.05"), School Uniform (1.84" x 2.60"),
Pant Jacket Set (1.82" x 4.04"), Baseball Uniform (2.04" x 5.43")

5005 Ellie

5005 Ellie plus 4 outfits   $15.00
Ellie (1.75" x 6.08"), Tshirt and Pants (3.15" x 2.93"), Dress (2.81" x 2.58"),
PJs (1.99" x 4.56"), Chef (2.32" x 5.84")

5006 Hiliary

5006 Hiliary plus 4 outfits   $15.00
Hiliary (1.69" x 6.00"), Cheerleader Outfit (3.43" x 3.60"), SnowSuit (3.47" x 3.30"),
Pants Set (3.26" x 2.93"), Dress (2.66" x 2.26")

5007 Colleen

5007 Colleen plus 4 outfits   $15.00
Colleen (1.73" x 5.85"), Cowgirl Outfit (2.35" x 5.83")
Sweater, Skirt, Kneesocks (1.97" x 4.62"), Apron Dress (2.20" x 2.60"),
Baby Doll PJs and Bunny Slippers (1.85" x 2.86")


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Solution Graphics

1040 FSL Hanger
(Various Sizes)
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1030 Sweater Set
(2.02" x 3.07")
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1027 Brush Comb Set
(1.78" x 2.10")
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1008 Paper Doll Dress
(2.78" x 2.55")
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1009 Paper Doll Tunic
(4.43" x 1.74")
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1013 Paper Doll Nightgown
(2.82" x 4.34")
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1023 Paper Doll SunSuit
(2.35" x 3.74")
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1015 Baseball & Bat
(3.35" x 1.69")
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1018 Teddy Bear
(1.53" x 1.94")
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